In our dreams… it’s a concept.

25th Street Ideas

25th Street currently ends at Telephone Road. It seems natural that 25th Street should proceed from Telephone Road west to Fritts Blvd. This would provide an additional route for traffic going to and from Target and Home Depot rather than SW 19th Street. It might also provide development opportunities for future retail.

Just south of 25th Street is a 16 inch high pressure gas line that occupies a 50′ easement. Obviously the gas line is fixed cannot be moved and there are limitations to what may be built on the easement. This may be a problem for development along 25th Street depending upon how the street is configured.

The following image is a rendering that shows a possible median space built over the gas line easement:

One Treatment for 25th Street

In this concept the street is divided with a single traffic lane plus a bicycle lane on each side of the median.  Reverse angle parking is used both along the median and in front of the buildings with additional parking shown behind the buildings.

These buildings would be a mixture of retail, commercial, and residential units