Over the last few years, we’ve had many inquiries into our hard corner located at the NE corner of our property and at the intersection of SW 19th St and Telephone Road.

These are a few renderings of what we call our “610” project. Verizon will be the tenant and we started the dirt work several weeks ago, footings have been installed and our slab is in the works. Our inspiration for the design is a farmhouse coupled with what an addition to a older farmhouse would have looked like.


These elevations are closer to what we see the building looking like.  These were done in January 2014 and taken off of our in-progress construction plans.

610 SW 19th Fritts Farm corner

Early design concepts from back in September 2013 by TAP Architecture helped us decide what direction to go for the design.  We’ve had over the last few years many site plans and elevations designed for this corner – not really specifically with any tenant in mind but just for our own consideration of what the design and look would or could be.